【Dubstep&Bass多风格采样包】Hayve – Heavy Bits

海夫正在成为全球低音音乐界家喻户晓的名字。来自芬兰和以色列的二人组在 hayve 时尚中具有原创性和独特性。随着 Monstercat 和 Odio Records 的发布以及 UKF Dubstep 等频道的首映,很明显他们是游戏中的重量级人物!现在是您将这种声音融入最新排行榜榜首的机会!

海夫 – 重位卷。1 展示了 hayve 的声音,重点关注低音音乐的沉重和旋律方面。该包具有 345 个独特的样本,范围从粗糙的低音到更大气的声音。包包含一堆循环和一个镜头,这些易于使用和快速的方法来获得您的重低音音乐创意。使用 Bass Loops、Glitches、Subs 和 One Shots 深入了解,或者立即使用 Drum Loops 和 One shot 获得节奏感!在这个令人陶醉的库中还有 FX、氛围、影响、合成器、主音、人声和音乐循环!这个包超越了一切,以海维时尚为您带来重磅低音!

你在等什么?抓住 hayve – 今天重磅第 1 卷!


hayve is becoming a household name in the Bass Music scenes around the globe. Hailing from Finland and Israel, the duo have a touch that is all original and all unique in that hayve fashion. With releases on Monstercat and Odio Records and premiers on such channels as UKF Dubstep, it’s obvious they are heavyweights in the game! Now is your chance to get that sound into your latest chart topping hit!

hayve – heavy bits vol. 1 showcases hayve’s sounds with a strong focus on the heavy as well as melodic side of bass music. The pack features 345 unique samples ranging from gnarly basses to more atmospheric sounds. Pack contains bunch of loops and one shots that are easy to use and quick way to get your heavy bass music ideas down. Dive in with the Bass Loops, Glitches, Subs and One Shots, or get the groove slamming with Drum Loops and One shots in no time! Also inside this mind melting library are FX, Ambience, Impacts, Synths, Leads, Vocals and Music Loops! This pack goes above and beyond to bring you HEAVY BITS OF BASS in that hayve fashion!

What are you waiting for? Grab hayve – heavy bits vol.1 today!


  • 366 种声音
  • 7 低音故障
  • 24 个低音循环
  • 60 低音 OneShots
  • 9 低音低音炮
  • 10 鼓填充
  • 16 个鼓循环
  • 85鼓一击
  • 56 外汇
  • 12 个吉他 Loop
  • 21 个合成音乐循环
  • 25 合成 OneShots
  • 6 人声


  • 366 Total Sounds
  • 7 Bass Glitches
  • 24 Bass Loops
  • 60 Bass OneShots
  • 9 Bass Subs
  • 10 Drum Fills
  • 16 Drum Loops
  • 85 Drum One Shots
  • 56 FX
  • 12 Guitar Loops
  • 21 Synth Music Loops
  • 25 Synth OneShots
  • 6 Vocals
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