【Trap & RnB风格采样包】OST Audio Premium Trap & RnB + Vocals


“ Premium Trap&RnB”充满奇妙的灵魂节奏和美丽的和声,这个100%免版税的收藏将让您从聆听各个片段中获得乐趣,谈论制作一个新的富有表现力的声音调色板。

精美的动听的Synth Shots和Melodies集合,时尚的随时可用Drums Loops和Shots声音,当然还有惊人的人声。

人声由得克萨斯州一位非常有才华的歌手录制,并由OST Audio团队进行编辑,但是请不要担心,在此包中,您会发现人声的两种变体,自然和处理的,Adbils和Loops



“Premium Trap & RnB” Filled with marvelous soulful rhythms and beautiful harmonies, this 100% Royalty-Free collection will give you pleasure from listening to the individual fragments, what to speak about making a new expressive sound palette.

A beautiful collection of catchy Synth Shots & Melodies, stylish ready to go Drums Loops & Shots sounds and of course amazing Vocals.

Vocals were recorded by an incredibly talented singer from Texas and edited by OST Audio team, but don’t worry in this pack you will find two variants of vocals, Natural & Processed, Adbils & Loops

If you’re looking for something unique, created with great care, you’ve come to the right place. This 100% Royalty-Free sample pack is great for producers who set new standards.

Let’s check what is inside:

● 20 Bass Shots & Loops

● 20 Drum Loops

● 76 Drum Shots

● 35 FX & Foleys

● 10 Melodies

● 12 Tonal Shots

● 09 Natural Vocal Loops

● 10 Processed Vocal Loops

● 15 Adbils Vocals

● 206 Files in total

Key-Labelled/Tempo Synced WAV Files 100% Royalty-Free

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