Native Instruments Session Guitarist Acoustic Sunburst Deluxe v1.0.2 KONTAKT

Vibrant acoustic tones
From strummed chords to intricate melodies, infuse your tracks with the sounds of an iconic acoustic guitar. Acoustic Sunburst Deluxe puts a premium jumbo model at your fingertips, with patterns recorded by professional session players. Whether you’re writing from scratch or adding the finishing touches to arrangements, this versatile guitar library is all you need to enrich pop and rock productions, lay down folk rhythms, or give electronic beats an organic edge.

Versatile acoustic guitar library
Rich and resonant tones captured from a premium steel-string acoustic jumbo guitar
Craft your own melodies with ease or choose from an extensive library of over 250 picked and strummed patterns
The perfect songwriting companion for sparking new ideas in any style

A guitarist by your side
No guitar to hand? No problem. The updated strumming engine of Acoustic Sunburst Deluxe ensures ultra-realistic performances at the touch of a key. Perform with fingers or a plectrum, and explore a range of different techniques, transitions, and articulations such as muted, open, slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. Add your desired amount of fret noise, customize vibrato, and adjust the humanize and swing controls to perfectly fit your compositions.

Hands-on control
A wide array of song presets, conveniently categorized by genre and time signature, make it easy to find the perfect sound fast. Choose from over 250 strummed and picked patterns, then drag and drop patterns and chord progressions into your DAW to fine-tune them. You can also craft your own parts note-by-note using the melody instrument.

Sculpt any tone
Condenser, dynamic, and ribbon microphone setups give you multiple flavors to start with. Get creative with studio-grade effects including delays, reverbs, modulation effects, compression, and EQ, plus a range of iconic amps and cabs. Add depth with stereo doubling, detune your sounds to add character, and experiment with parallel processing using the new Split-Effect feature.

Learn Acoustic Sunburst Deluxe
Learn more about Acoustic Sunburst Deluxe with the team behind the instrument as they give a run down of the main features and the breadth of sounds.

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