Klevgrand Tomofon v1.2.0 Rev-TCD

Tomofon is a ground-breaking expressive audio synth. This virtual instrument introduces a new “Audio Model” format, capable of containing thousands of waves extracted from ordinary audio files.

These waves – and how they’re structured – lays the ground for how Tomofon generates audio, resulting in a highly flexible and instantly expressive instrument, that on one hand sounds very organic, and on the other like something out of this world. Whether you want to play around with the Audio Model Starter Pack (instruments & voices) and factory presets, or import your own audio to shape your own unique soundscapes – it is fair to say that you are in for a creative journey. With the addition of MPE support in v1.2, the expressiveness is taken even further!

Wide selection of factory models and presets
Integrated audio sample importer and Audio Model editor
Pitch and (layer) depth envelopes that can be edited by the user
Envelope times can separately be controlled via MIDI velocity
Several LFO’s (including Sample and Hold with randomness)
Modulation matrix (2 x MIDI CC, Velocity and Keymap)
Monophonic playback with separate glide times for pitch and velocity
Polyphonic legato playback where started notes syncs envelopes with currently playing ones
Up to 4 doubling voices with separate pitch, pan and level
Filter with modulation possibilities
Post Reverb, Delay and EQ
v1.1 Resizeable window
v1.2 MPE support (MIDI Polyphonic Expression)
v1.2 Physical “body” simulations
v1.2 Different filter types (LP, HP, BP in both 12 and 24 db/oct)
v1.2 Custom tunings support (opens .tun files)

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