Udemy Beginning Violin Lessons Foundations for Quick Success TUTORiAL

Welcome to Violin 101! During our incredibly busy lives, it’s often hard to find time to pursue fulfilling interests, particularly the musical arts. This course is designed to fit in easily with even busiest of lifestyles. Content is straight to the point with concepts that can easily be rewatched as many times needed to understand important violin concepts!

Learn from a professional violinist and experienced university professor, who has much experience working with students of all ages and levels. This course is designed to be taken by anyone, particularly individuals who have never picked up a violin! Even those who have some experience on the violin can learn more tips and tricks to help improve their current level of skills.

Students will learn the basic fundamentals of posture and setup and systematically add in various concepts and techniques to help them improve and enjoy the experience of learning a musical instrument such as the violin. Students completing this course should be able to perform the violin at a beginner level and have the confidence to make music beautifully and comfortably.

This course also includes downloadable exercises and songs that correspond with the appropriate lecture and module! These extra resources can be practiced for maximum improvement to increase your skills and abilities on the violin.

What you’ll learn:
•Learn the basic fundamentals of violin technique
•Develop a firm technical foundation to learn songs and other music
•Create a beautiful sound on the violin
•Practice and perform beginning level violin songs
•Learn how to purchase a violin
•Learn how to find the best setup and be comfortable while you play
•Learn how to tune your instrument
•Learn how to apply rosin and other basic beginning concepts
•Learn to hold the bow
•Learn to play open strings
•Learn how to create pitches
•Learn all the basic notes on the violin with scales
•Learn all the basic rhythms
•Learn basic theory needed to read and play violin music
•Learn basic violin terms and care
•Learn how to put on a shoulder rest

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