Sadkey Shop Heavensense Sample Pack Part 2 MULTiFORMAT-FANTASTiC

This pack contains a large selection of presets, samples, and loops for you to use in your music. In addition, it also includes the FLP’s for “Explorers,” “Goodmorning,” and two other old flps that I never finished, because why not?

“It’s good” – Redza
“It’s good” – Moore Kismet

“It’s good” – Abisu

“It’s good” – Nebita (I am obligated to tell you that Ben had not actually had access to the pack at the time of this quote.)

“It will give your track 25% more sex appeal.” – Nina (DISCLAIMER: There is no data to suggest this is true. Generally speaking women are not attracted to me.)
“You’ll at least be able to make something better than Ought.” – McQ (DISCLAIMER: There is no data to suggest this is true. Everyone knows I peaked in 2016.)

(FLPs may require external VSTs)

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