Baby Audio Comeback Kid v1.3 REGGED

Add warm analog-like delays
✱ Creative and versatile delay plugin that lets you sculpt, shape and transform your wet signal

✱ Use it to add unique and beautiful delay/echo colors to your mixes – full of vibe and analog flavor

✱ Designed as an ideal ‘go-to’ delay – with a pristine sound, flexible features and a fast workflow

Discover Comeback Kid

It only takes two simple ingredients to transform dull sounds or vocals: A great idea and a great delay. Comeback Kid brings you the delay – and inspires you to come up with new ideas in a split second.

The effect lay-out resembles the simplicity of the best hardware delays: There are no sub-menus or hidden features. Instead, you get 14 gratifying ‘shaping knobs’ for instantly sculpting your wet signal. Want a tape delay vibe for your lead synth? A modern slap on your vocals? A crunchy lofi echo on your guitars? Not a problem! The on-board parameters can cover an endless variety of styles when mixed and matched.

Comeback Kid gives you pristine sound quality along with the versatility to cover a variety of mix duties, from subtle reflections to hypnotic echoes. It might just become your new go-to delay!

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